ATTENTION: For Menopausal Women Who Want To Improve Their Orgasm And Stop Urine Leaks

Now You Can Improve Orgasm And Stop Urine Leaks With One Simple Shot, The O-Shot®.

What You Will Learn From This Video:

Secret #1:

Improved Sexual Function

O-Shot® can improve ability to orgasm. The O-shot® can also also increase lubrication, libido and vaginal tone. Achieve orgasm with vaginal sex!

Secret #2:

Decreased Urine Leaks

O-Shot® can improve urinary incontinence and bladder control. Exercise and laugh without fear of leakage! Stay dry without panty liners!

Secret #3:

Other O-Shot® Benefits

Natural. Minimally invasive. No downtime. Performed in the comfort of our office. Long-lasting – effects last approximately 1 year.

Limited Time Offer: Free bottle of CBD Arousal Oil when you receive an O-Shot.

Still Deciding on Your O-Shot®?

Watch This Video For See How The O-Shot® Improved Another Patient’s Sex Life

Don’t settle for “going-through-the-motions” sex. You deserve to enjoy sex. Don’t allow difficulty with orgasm to affect your interest in sex, or even worse, your relationship. Treatment cost = $1800. Guaranteed to work or your money back.
Call today to schedule your treatment, so you can have the sex life you dreamed about.

Dr. Cunningham prepares an O-Shot

See what our patient has to say about the O-shot

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