ATTENTION: For Menopausal Women Who Want To Improve Their Orgasm And Stop Urine Leaks

Now You Can Improve Orgasm And Stop Urine Leaks With One Simple Shot, The O-Shot®.

What You Will Learn From This Video:

Secret #1:

Improved Sexual Function

O-Shot® can improve ability to orgasm. The O-shot® can also also increase lubrication, libido and vaginal tone. Achieve orgasm with vaginal sex!

Secret #2:

Decreased Urine Leaks

O-Shot® can improve urinary incontinence and bladder control. Exercise and laugh without fear of leakage! Stay dry without panty liners!

Secret #3:

Other O-Shot® Benefits

Natural. Minimally invasive. No downtime. Performed in the comfort of our office. Long-lasting – effects last approximately 1 year.

Limited Time Offer: Free bottle of CBD Arousal Oil when you receive an O-Shot.

Still Deciding on Your O-Shot®?

Watch This Video For See How The O-Shot® Improved Another Patient’s Sex Life

Don’t settle for “going-through-the-motions” sex. You deserve to enjoy sex. Don’t allow difficulty with orgasm to affect your interest in sex, or even worse, your relationship. Treatment cost = $1800. Guaranteed to work or your money back.
Call today to schedule your treatment, so you can have the sex life you dreamed about.

See what our patient has to say about the O-shot

Brandey Conn, age 48, Marietta, GA

Dr. Cunningham prepares an O-Shot

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